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Aug 31, 2014 Caroline & David---Alec Milstein as Male Vocalist and MC
As a musician myself, it was EXTREMELY important for me to have THE BEST music at my wedding reception possible.  I am so thankful that I found Ramfunkshus.  They are professional, have the greatest song selection that I have seen (everything from Motown to Hiphop), and know how to keep your guests entertained at every moment.  They were more than accommodating to our every need and exceeded our every expectation.  If you are reading this and looking for a band for your event, do yourself a favor and BOOK THEM NOW.  You will not regret it!
Thank you guys for everything!  If we ever have a big party and need a band, you will be the first that we call and recommend!
 Caroline Cronin
Aug 23, 2014 Fernando and Adi---Roscoe Vaun as Male Vocalist and MC
Hi Barry,
We want to thank you and the band for the great performance at our wedding. Roscoe was a great MC and singer; and Sean has an amazing voice.
We really appreciate that you learned the songs that we requested. Our friends and family are still talking about the great time they had and how good the band sounded.
Thanks for rocking it out and we hope to see you at some of our friends' weddings.
Fernando & Adi 

Aug 2, 2014 Jonas & Kristina---Alec Milstein as Male Vocalist and MC
I want to quickly say thank you for an outstanding job playing at our wedding. You guys were great. It was tough to choose a band simply based on youtube videos but you did not let us down and our guests all agreed. Being a musician myself I was able to tell right away when you started playing the wedding that you guys pros without being too loud and distorted and doing a great job covering songs accurately and adding your own touch. Great work on You Really Got a Hold on Me and Alberta by the way!
Jonas Bielkevicius
July 19, 2014 Katelyn & David ----Roscoe Vaun as Male Vocalist and MC
You guys KILLED it at the wedding. I was SO happy, and all the guests were raving about how fun you guys were, specifically Roscoe as the lead and MC. So great. So fun!!!
Katelyn Tarver
June 6, 2014 Lauren & David (Coming Soon)
June 1, 2014 Austin & Elena
RamFunkshus killed it at our wedding. The dance floor was packed the whole time and the song selections were perfect. Everybody loved the band. It's all we heard about all night! Talented group of musicians that can play any genre/era. We liked that they had horns as well as a male AND female singer. Very diverse set. Rick, the MC/Front man, did a great job as well. Super professional and very timely communication on the business end. Highly recommend!
Austin Krier <>
May 25, 2014 Nathan & Moriah
This band was very, very professional in the way they conducted communication during booking, pre-wedding, and of course during the wedding. I would unreservedly recommend this band for a wedding or event because of the combination of their skill, preparation, and MC-ing. Everyone loved having this group as part of the reception.
Nathan Swedberg
May 23, 2014 Joanna & Kevin---Alec Milstein as Male Vocalist and MC
"We found Alec Milstein a very good MC and vocalist at our wedding. He had a really good voice, kept the program running smooth without being over powering at the reception. We were very impressed with the entire band and the songs selections they played. Especially Sean Wiggins, her voice is out of this world! We got a lot of compliments from our guests for the quality of the band we chose. They really got everyone dancing on the dance floor. If only could have RamFunkshus all night long in the teatro, we would! (We had to stop the band at 10 pm cuz of the location restriction, not the band's fault) Barry responded right away to any questions and special song requests. They have really good song lists and are very particular with the couples’ preferences. Also, they are very reasonably priced! You wouldn't believe how much quality you get from the price you pay. Did a lot of research and we are so glad we found RamFunkshus! Do yourself a favor, look no more and hire them now!"
Joanna Riza Q
March 29, 2014, Andy and Lily
We fell in love with RamFunkshus at our friends' wedding reception. We were in the midst of wedding planning ourselves and music was still an open item on our to do list. But after that night, we knew we didn't have to look any further. Their musical expertise, extensive song list, ability to get a party started, and ability to sustain the fun atmosphere over hours proved why they're rated the best wedding band in Southern California. On top of all that, the lead male vocalist, Rick Fitts, was one of the best MC's we've ever seen. He kept the guests entertained and engaged throughout the entire reception while keeping the night moving along according to schedule. Several guests at our table noted how Fitts had the perfect MC voice and stage presence. 
As if that wasn't already good enough, working with Barry Reynolds, the keyboardist, made the event planning and business end of the whole experience super easy. An easy to read, comprehensive contract was provided promptly, and once we put our deposit down, the gig was lock in. Another fantastic service the band provides is they're willing to learn songs for special dances or entrances. For our reception, the band learned an oldie for the father-daughter dance and delivered flawlessly. It might've been the highlight of the night. 
We are so thankful for RamFunkshus and would highly recommend them to anyone! Months later, we still get compliments from friends on how awesome the band was and how it really set the ambience for the reception. We had previously gone to so many weddings where the DJ's were either a hit or miss or just didn't appeal to everyone. At our reception, RamFunkshus was able to entertain toddler guests who hopped around to the funky beats, collegians who danced to everything from Earth, Wind, and Fire to Bruno Mars, and adults who loved hearing true good music for a change and not the noise some of their teenagers listen might to. They really made our special day memorable and fun for everyone!
Andy Shin
Groom / March 2014 Wedding

 February 22, 2014, Andrea and Matthew
We were thrilled with RamFunkshus. After hearing about them from an out-of-town cousin who had seen them at a wedding, we were glad to find out how reasonable they are. And when the big day came, we were blown away with how great they were. I feel like we asked a lot of them regarding special songs, but they completely delivered and really helped make our day special.
Matthew Pincus

Corporate Party  and Private Party, Dec 2013.
If you’re looking for a great band for just about anything, stop looking. You found them. RamFunkshus is your band.
I’ve hired RamFunkshus for both corporate events and exclusive private parties. They are not only beyond talented as individual artists, they clearly love playing together and for an audience. Their pleasure shows and creates a great vibe at any event. Our guests love the band and  say they haven’t danced that much in years.
Tim and Barry’s promptness and attention to detail in the planning stages is outstanding.  At the events, they are incredible: they can play anything from old standards to today’s music, They play perfect jazzy selections for low-key cocktail hours then rev it up for dancing. Sean is a superb female vocalist, Rick or Tim are master MCs, and the instrumentalists are wonderful.  
RamFunkshus is totally professional in every way: they handle special requests easily, they dress appropriately for each event, and they adapt so well to planed and surprise events of the evening, from corporate programming to spontaneous “guest vocalists.”   
It probably sounds as though I am making a commercial for them. That’s just how good they are!
Our guests are still raving about them and some have hired RamFunkshus for their own events.
I would highly recommend RamFunkshus for any corporate or private party.
Please contact me if I can answer any questions.
Peggy Callahan

October 19, 2013 Wedding Reception, Alice & Michael
My husband and I were so blown away by the band's performance during our wedding reception. Honestly, we attend so many weddings with the usual DJ's and wanted something really unique. RamFunkshus totally delivered and made our evening. 
Our group consisted of young 20-30 something's and our parents and their friends (in their 50-60's). We had a little over 200 at our reception. Their song selection was so inclusive and they had everyone on the dance floor.  Our guests were raving about how incredible the band was. They were really open to what we wanted-- we requested their best funk songs and a little bit of new pop (Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" and Bruno Mars' "Treasure"). Even during the night, some of our guests requested songs and they played them with no hesitation.
My husband is actually a wedding DJ and he has high standards when it comes to music and service. We found RamFunkshus to be so professional in their communication and response times. We really felt that they cared a lot about their performance and about making our wedding reception exceptional. 
We highly recommend RamFunkshus and hope you are able to book them for your wedding!
Alice Lee

September 27, 2013 Wedding reception, Suzanne & Jeffrey
RamFunkshus is absolutely THE MOST SPLENdishus 7-piece band you will ever experience. They played for my daughter’s wedding September 27th of this year, at the Oaks Venue, Calamigos Ranch, Malibu, California. My husband actually chose this band after spending several on-line hours listening to many others which didn’t begin to compare with respect to sound, visual appeal, and price.
My daughter and I met with Barry and Rick nine months before the wedding, and actually signed the contract with them over one year before. They were extremely cordial and prompt in answering our questions. Their repertoire is extensive, and.they are happy to learn a new song or two for special dances. They provide everything: full sound system, MP3 or CD player during breaks, and access to their wireless mic for toasts.
Rick Fitts, who is an actor and director, was the PERFECT MC. He did a wonderful job of introducing family members who were giving toasts, and helped the two Best Men with a hilarious impromptu musical skit which was the hit of the evening! Everyone was roaring with laughter!
The dance floor was definitely the center of activity during the evening.  Couples danced with each other, and groups of people joined hands and danced together. Guests raved
about RamFunkshus.  One of the dinner servers who has worked at Calamigos Ranch for several years and has heard many bands, also gave the band rave reviews and told us that RamFunkshus was the best band he had ever heard.
Every bride deserves to have the wedding of her dreams.  Make that dream come true by hiring RamFunkshus, THE MOST SPLENdishus WEDDING BAND EVER! 
Marianne Miller (Mother of Bride)
Wedding at Calamigos Ranch, Malibu

August 17, 2013 Maria and Matthew
We can't thank Rick, Sean, Vince, David and the rest of the band enough for an amazing night of music and fun! Everyone who attended raved about the band...what great musicians and so down to earth and friendly. They really connected with the audience...even with the little kids. So from ages 2 to 93, they were a huge hit. They now have an open invitation to perform in Finland at the request of our new Finnish in-laws. If you didn't have an international reputation before, you do now!
--Bill Morey
Wedding in Santa Ynez, CA

July 27, 2013 Hannah and John
My now hubby and I had the hugest fight over band or DJ. From the weddings that I attended, the ones that I personally had a blast had a band. John says that it might be a East coast (where I'm from) vs West Coast preferential thing. But lemme tell you, that live performance feel gets people to groove on a dance floor in just a different way than even the most skilled of DJs can. For me, I wanted a live band. Above the dress, above the flowers or food, I wanted the band to rock out. I searched on the internet long and hard, and by the stars aligning, I stumbled onto Ramfunkshus. The videos that they have on their website are more of their corporate gigs, I'm pretty sure that they want to respect their clients' privacy by not posting wedding performances. But the talent is undeniable. I also came across this youtube video:
and this video is what really sold me. It's a more updated look and the raw talent is just effortless and awesome.

From the get-go, Barry Reynolds was and is the ultimate pro. He was always prompt in all his responses and was helpful to the max. He is a true problem solver and really looked out for me, above and beyond. One solution that he came up with literally saved me hundreds of dollars. It's obvious that Barry is not in it just for the money, he really truly cared about my feelings, my budget, and my wedding day. Barry dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. He is a true communicator and so organized! He sends you a rundown and it is truly helpful to planning out the night. When I finally met Barry in person, I know that I gave him my biggest hug of the night.

As for the band performance - It. Was. Phenomenal. Rick Fitts emceed during the dinner, and really helped the flow of the night. Sean Wiggins has a powerhouse of a voice, and the horns/guitar/drums/bass and of course Barry on the keys were just as I had hoped they'd be - amazing!

My husband happily concedes that he was wrong on the band/DJ debate and agrees that Ramfunkshus was the absolute right choice for us. I recommend them whole heartedly.

Hannah Suh Santos
San Diego, CA

June 30. 2013 Lindsay & Joe
Terrific! RamFunkshus captured the energy of our wedding crowd and they filled the dance floor. The band understood the musical tastes of our guests perfectly. How did they know that Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" was the unofficial theme song of the groom's MBA class? They aptly performed a French song that excited our sizable number of French guests. Rick is an engaging and warm emcee. They even learned a new song last minute. And a big SHOUT OUT to the 7 of you for producing sounds that our musician friends loved. We appreciated your flexibility, stepping aside when we surprised the wedding couple with a flash mob. THANKS! Two huge thumbs up.
Rick Fry (Father of Bride)

April 27, 2013 Nicole and Eric
We wanted a live band instead of a DJ and RamFunkshus came highly recommended to us from a dear friend for our black tie wedding. They invited us to check them out at one of their events and they were awesome. We hired them right away! They played the flute and guitar peacefully and beautifully for our outdoor ceremony. Then, we had a cocktail hour where they played perfect instrumental songs so that our guests could enjoy while greeting one another and catching up. Then the party began! The reception music was phenomenal. We had large families with a variety of ages attending our wedding so we wanted music that would appeal to all of our guests and RamFunkshus delivered! Our dance floor was packed the whole night! Our guests continue to talk about how much fun they had dancing the night away and how great RamFunkshus was!

I would recommend this fabulous band to anyone who wants their guests up, out of their seats, and dancing! They were so gracious, kind, professional, and well-dressed, we could not have asked for more! It's no wonder they've been named one of LA's top 5 wedding bands of 2013 by CBS Los Angeles!

Thanks RamFunkshus for helping to make our wedding day the best day of our lives!

Nicole Schwartz & Erik Carlson Nicole Schwartz
Redondo Beach, CA

March 16, 2013 Kristen & Will

I was very concerned when my daughter chose the band for her wedding without seeing them first. In this case, I needn't have worried, this band was THE BEST, absolutely and beyond. We had quite the group, mostly Californians, but plenty of Texans and Oklahomans too, the ages ranged from 11 to 89, with the majority split between the mid twenties group and the early 50's group. EVERYONE loved the band. Rick is an incredible person and a talented musician and GREAT emcee, the band as a whole is excellent, polished, talented, and FUN! Warning: if you want an empty dance floor and bored guests, then do not use this fantastic band. Otherwise hire them and start the party!
Ellen Sletten:
Los Angeles, CA

Jan 19, 2013 Kelly & Ralph

I was looking for a band for a formal wedding and even had my girlfriend looking for me. I found Ramfunkshus online and they had great reviews! My girlfriend came back with a whole list of bands that cost thousands more than Ramfunkshus and didn't sound half as good. I went with my instincts and hired them. They were amazing, well dressed and very professional. Everyone at the wedding had a fantastic time and it was mainly due to an incredible lively band that knew how to draw in a crowd. Thank you Ramfunkshus for making my special day just perfect!
Kelly Biase
Del Rey Yacht Club, Marina Del Rey, CA

Dec 29, 2012: Francine and Evan

RamFunkshus has been the go-to band for my wife's family for years now, and when it came time for our wedding, we didn't even consider looking anywhere else. They are amazingly talented, easy to work with, and keep everyone on the dance floor throughout the night. They were completely on top of it throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, and besides being a great singer, Rick is also an awesome MC. We got many comments from our guests throughout the night that they loved the band, and we couldn't agree more. I will absolutely look forward to working with them again!
--Evan Schiff
Los Angeles, CA

Nov 11, 2012: Leah and Nathan

After contacting multiple LA area booking agents and being discouraged by high prices and eh sounding online demos, my (now) husband came across RamFunkshus online. We were struck by how good the band sounded in their demos and felt comfortable with their reasonable pricing. We hired a seven piece band and also arranged for two of the musicians to play during our ceremony and cocktail hour.

RamFunkshus far exceeded our expectations. First, several weeks before the wedding, Barry contacted us to get our feedback about the music we wanted to hear. When we did not immediately get back to him because of the zillion other things we had going on, he gently followed up with us, and also made sure to put us in touch with the band members who would be playing music at our ceremony to help us select and coordinate our ceremony music. We picked unconventional processional/recessional music, but the ceremony musicians knew all the songs that we wanted to hear, sounded amazing, and created the perfect mood.

At the wedding itself, the band was phenomenal. People - young and old - were on the dance floor all night long. The band read the crowd, sounded awesome, and every song flowed seamlessly to the next. Rick did a great job of MC-ing. Great music is such an important component to a great party. I very, very highly recommend RamFunkshus. You will not be disappointed!
Leah Gershon

October 6, 2012: Abigail and Will

Ramfunkshas was wonderful! Our wedding guests are still talking about how much fun they had dancing to their tunes. We could have not asked for a better band at our wedding. Thank you guys so much!
Abigail Sample

Aug 3, 2012: Jasmine and Brendan

My fiance and I were planning our wedding long distance aiming for a Santa Monica wedding in August (the high season). As two busy professionals, we needed to have things taken care of well and done right the first time. Having a live band at our wedding was a huge priority for us but we also needed to keep costs reasonable. We also wanted each of our guests to feel like a treasured guest at our wedding and reception. RamFunkshus made all of this happen for us and having them as part of our wedding reception was probably one of the best and easiest vendor hiring decisions we made in our planning process. Hiring a six piece band with awesome vocals, a huge repertoire for all ages to enjoy, and nice people is a no-brainer, even sight unseen! Do it - you won't regret it!
The most important thing was the band was really, really great when it came to the day of the wedding itself. RamFunkshus showed up on time, they were professional, they were fun, and they kept an eye on all of the guests throughout the evening to figure out what songs and announcements would go best with the mood and our guests. They kept the energy up and kept a fun and friendly vibe all night long. People were dancing the entire night at our reception (we were having so much fun a crasher even came in and started dancing at the back) and the anniversary dance was a hit with all of the guests (especially those that have been married a long time)!

Also, we didn't hire a wedding planner so Barry, the business manager's,
professionalism (he got back to us quickly, promptly, and was always very patient with a very busy bride) went a long way. Rick Fitt's warm and welcoming personality (he was a great person to talk to even when not on stage) came across in every interaction with our guests and everyone had really great things to say about his personality. Rick acted as the emcee for the evening - pointing family members in the right direction at the appropriate times and keeping people's nerves in check but was also an engaging and fun performer.

It is hard to put into words how much we enjoyed having RamFunkshus as part of our special day. They were the perfect fit for us and if your wedding is anything like ours, family members and friends of all different ages, people in different stages in life, singles, marrieds, etc., RamFunkshus are the pros that you should hire. All of the things you really want in a band for your wedding reception rolled into one and their prior experience as a band and as performers helped to make everything run smoothly. Overall, many of our guests told us that our wedding was "the best wedding they had ever been to." RamFunkshus was a huge part of that. They worked seamlessly with the hotel ballroom staff, our coordinator for the day, and all the important people who were part of our special day! Thank you guys! Hope we will see you again at an event soon!
Brendan & Jasmine

July 21, 2012 Kim & Rich

“One of the best bands that I’ve ever heard at a wedding.”

This is what *multiple* wedding attendees told us after the wedding. And we couldn’t agree more. Ramfunkshus was professional, attentive to our needs/interests, and a pleasure to work with. Perhaps most importantly, their tight, upbeat grooves kept the dance floor packed (literally) all night long. A bit more background:

Ramfunkshus was one of about eight LA-area bands that we contacted after an extensive search on Given that we don’t live in the LA area, we were a little anxious about hiring a band we’d be unable to meet or see play before the wedding. We were also nervous about hiring a full horn section, as our reception was outdoors, in a residential area with strict noise ordinances. Barry responded to my email within hours after receiving it with a list of available dates, a dozen testimonials from previous clients, and prices. Additionally, he assured us that he’d work with the venue coordinator to make sure that the band’s sound was appropriate for the setting. Based on their professionalism during these discussions, we knew we’d found the right band and promptly hired them. Needless to say, the band rocked and the horns wailed, yet we never heard a peep from the neighbors (who were probably busy dancing).

About a month before the wedding, Barry sent us a template to fill out detailing the structure of the wedding (first dance, toasts, etc.). A week before the wedding, we contacted Barry about making a change to our list. We’d found a new song that we wanted to be used for our introduction. Barry responded that although the song wasn’t on their extensive play list, he’d ask the band if they could learn it in time. And they did. The band played our rip-roaring version of our song (“I Can’t Turn You Loose”) and brought the crowd to their feet. What a way to start the evening.
Right from the outset, the dance floor filled to capacity. As the night went on, the band ratcheted up the energy level little by little. By the time we got to the hora, it was near pandemonium on the dance floor. Ramfunkshus played long sets, with only a short break in between. And they gave us exactly what we wanted: a soulful funky dance party with deep grooves and just the right amount of showmanship.

It’s also worth noting that several members of Ramfunkshus played our ceremony (guitar and flute) and cocktail hour (jazz trio). We requested several non-traditional songs for the processional and recessional (e.g. Sufjan Stevens, Glenn Hansard, Pete Townsend), and the band learned these songs and played them beautifully.
In summary, we found a band that was so good that we could have been at a concert or dance party, except that they were attentive to the needs of a wedding. We were extremely pleased to have Ramfunkshus and would recommend them without reservation. We also strongly suggest requesting the full horn section, as there’s really no substitute for live horns for this brand of music.
-RP and KR from Indiana, July, 2012

July 17, 2012 Newport Pacific Capital Company, Inc Las Vegas meeting

Out of all of the bands I've hired over the years for our corporate conference entertainment, RamFunkshus provided the very best music, hands down! Rick and the other members were fun, charming performers who knew how to get our group up and dancing! RamFunkshus was very accommodating of our need to stop them periodically throughout their performance in order to do raffle drawings. They were professional, punctual and responsive to special requests that came in that night. When it comes time to book a band for our next conference, I know immediately who I will call: The RamFunkshus Band! There is a reason why they've been voted the Best Variety Band in LA!
Janece Herrington

July 1, 2012: Keren & Aaron

My husband and I found Ramfunkshus through an online search, and since we live in New York but were holding our wedding in LA, booked them without ever hearing them perform live based on the strengths of their testimonials and online reviews; it was the best decision we could have made! From the start, Barry put us at ease by being extremely responsive to all of our emails and requests, getting back to us instantly or within an hour or two at most. The band agreed to learn new songs for our first dance and the father-daughter dance (all great renditions!), as well as for our processional and recessional; Vince and Tim even found a way to make the instrumental to Guns 'N Roses' "Paradise City" beautiful and poetic.

We told Barry and Rick that our number one priority was having everyone on the dance floor, and they delivered 150% (Rick does a standout performance of "Shout" that is not to be missed). Sean is absolutely incredible, covering Adele and Lady Gaga songs that are as good as the originals. We had a number of guests asking us where we had found our band, and they all marveled how the band put together a playlist that appealed to both our younger and older guests, including motown, current hits, and classic rock. Barry, Rick, and the rest of Ramfunkshus definitely fulfilled our wishes and more, and helped our dream wedding come true. Note for anyone booking Ramfunkshus based on video clips, everything you hear online is good but does not come close to doing them justice, as their live performances are incredible.
Keren Mizrahi
MountainGate Country Club, Los Angeles

June 23, 2012: Mallory & Michael

RamFunkshus was a great band at our wedding! Everybody raved about them at the wedding and they had people dancing the whole time. They sounded spot on and for the most part they stuck to our requested style of music. We had a blast with them. Tim, the guitarist, is fantastic as well - he played during our ceremony. He was very flexible with our song selections and sounded great. Overall I would highly recommend them!
Michael Godwin
Kunde Winery, Kenwood CA

October 2, 2011: Daisy & Aaron

RamFunkshus played at our wedding reception at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, CA on October 2, 2011. Before the wedding we were impressed by their online videos and Barry's attentiveness in preparing the evening's musical agenda with us. But it was only at the actual event that we realized just how great these guys are. The group of seven filled out all the song arrangements beautifully, their musicianship was top notch, they had their sound system together (instruments and vocals were clear), and their stage presence was professional, friendly, and "celebratory." Rick (one of the two singers) was a great MC, and he proactively worked to facilitate a smooth evening for us as we moved through the event's timeline. They were also very accommodating to any special requests we had previously arranged with them, and they made us (the couple) feel like they were interested in us having a great time at our reception.

There are many good wedding bands out there, but few bring the energy and professionalism RamFunkshus brought to our reception for the prices they charge. If you're looking for top-notch musical performances at your event that won't empty your wallet, call RamFunkshus.
Aaron & Daisy Pillar
Calamigos Ranch, Malibu

September 4, 2011: Megan and David

RamFunkshus played at our wedding in September, 2011, and they were one of the best wedding bands we've ever seen. We had a wonderful experience with them from the moment we first called to find out their availability for our wedding date. Barry Reynolds was always quick to respond to messages and questions, and they were really flexible (even learning two new songs for us!). RamFunkshus got our guests on their feet with a really fun Hora, and the crowd was on the dance floor for the rest of the night - we are still receiving compliments about what a fantastic band we had at our wedding. We would recommend RamFunkshus for anyone looking for an amazing wedding band in Southern California!
Megan & David Snyder
Ponte Winery, Temecula CA

August 28, 2011: Elisa and Chris

We were so happy to have Ramfunkshus at our wedding. This band had EVERYONE at my wedding up dancing (ages 18-80). Ramfunkshus provides something for everyone. They timed everything flawlessly, with awesome transitions, and they really responded to the guests' needs. They even learned a few songs for us!!! Friendly, fun, and extremely good musicians (I'm a professional musician myself, so a good band was very, very important to me). We were almost turned off when we learned how inexpensive they are in comparison to other bands, but we went with our gut, and are so glad we did!!! Worth every penny and more, this is a band you should hire in a heartbeat. Ramfunkshus, thank you so much for making our reception perfect! We (and all the guests) had a BLAST!
Elisa and Chris Strom
Rancho Las Lomas, Silverado, CA

August 13, 2011: Theresa and Stephen

RamFunkshus MADE our wedding reception! Our guests absolutely loved them. Two months later, people are still telling us how great they were. RamFunkhus plays everything from Frank Sinatra to the Black Eyed Peas, which really catered to our guests different ages and preferences. They kept everyone on the dance floor all night. Barry was a complete delight to work with. He was very prompt in responding to our questions and the band learned two special songs for our Grand Entrance and First Dance. They were on time, extremely professional, and great with interacting with our guests. I highly recommend them and can't thank them enough!
Theresa De Los Santos
Annenburg Beach House, Santa Monica

June 19, 2011: Tammy and Norman

My husband and I were married on June 19, 2011 at Ponte Winery in Temecula. After interviewing several bands we scheduled our entertainment with RamFunkshus. Our wedding guests were a mix of 20 to 60 year olds so we really wanted a band that everyone could relate to and get up and dance. RamFunkshus was able to even get a few stuffy people out on the dance floor. Their idea of an Anniversary Dance was the hit of the party.

The compliments we received were "priceless". They really made our event special. Our guests are still talking about them today and have requested their information for future parties.

The lead singer really knew how to get our guests involved. I could not have asked for a better selection of music to be played live. Their version of Bryan Adams "Everything I do I do for You" for our wedding dance was extraordinary.

We have already recommended RamFunkshus to all our friends.
Norman and Tammy Homen
Ponte Winery, Temecula, CA

May 7, 2011: Diane and Ramon

Ramfunkshus is a versatile band! They played variety of music from jazz instrumentals during the Cocktail hour to dance songs. They are very talented and professional. I loved every single song they played that night.

Ramfunkshus ROCKED the night out of my wedding day! Everybody had so much fun in the dance floor all night! The kids won’t stop dancing either. I got lots of good compliments about the band. They really enjoyed the night. They also learned a song for our first dance! Which was great!

Ramfunkshus thank you for making our wedding dreams into reality! You guys are great! I will definitely get u guys for our next event! :)
Diane and Ramon Solana
Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles

April 30, 2011: Temple Akiba Gala

Thank you for your efforts at our recent gala. Your music was a perfect complement to all of our activities, and ultimately the event was a great success. It’s hard to play such a cross section of people, but as I looked around the room, I noticed a lot of tapping feet and smiling faces. I appreciate how challenging it must have been to balance the volume with some dining tables literally right up against the band. Yet somehow you managed to keep the volume at a good enough volume to get people out of their chairs and onto the dance floor without scaring away the octogenarians. Your dinner music was excellent as well. It allowed everyone to enjoy their dinner and help keep the smiles on their face.
I would recommend your band to anyone who is hosting a gala or other such event. Your band and singers were professional, talented, and accommodating.
Best of luck in the future, and keep on rocking.
Jonathan Gording, O.D.

December 4, 2010: The Los Angeles Rubber Group, Inc

Worth every penny. The male and female lead singer combination allows them to really mix up the type of music they perform. Ric (male lead) is very interactive with the the crowd. I received a lot of compliments from my guests.
--Mike H 250 people, Christmas Party 2010

September 5, 2010: Elizabeth & Morris

Fabulous band!! From our first dance (for which they learned a new tune at our request) through the entire evening, Ramfunkshus made our wedding a great celebration. This band is more than a just a group of talented musicians; they are skilled performers, exuding energetic stage presence while still maintaining genuine warmth. It’s a winning combination of talent and professionalism that puts Ramfunkshus in a class above any other band. They don’t just play for the crowd – they connect with the people. Rick is a great MC for any occasion and, together with Sean’s vocals, brought the house down. We are so grateful to Barry for being a consummate professional and accommodating many of our requests. Ramfunkshus made US look good !! And our guests are still talking about our awesome wedding band. Rock on Ramfunkshus !
---Morris and Elizabeth Zlotowitz

July 31, 2010: Alexis & David

We’re so happy we chose RamFunkshus to provide the entertainment at our wedding! The band was well put together and sounded wonderful. We had so many complements from our guests, young and old alike - everyone was reluctant to leave the dance floor at the end of the night. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a talented and upbeat group of performers! Thank you for making our night!
---David and Alexis Rudesill

August 13, 2010: Summer Concert, Ladera Ranch Community Services

Such great performers! Our crowd loved them for the Summer Concert @ the Park, we had about 3,000 in attendance. We got rave reviews on how awesome they sounded/what great voices they all had. They were so much fun!
---Mandy Rogers

July 24, 2010: Sharla & Eric
Ramfunkshus was amazing. Not only did they show up early to help set up the sound system for the ceremony, but they helped organize the reception, kept things running well, and got everyone geared up for the dancing. I can't say enough positive things about the band. They were well dressed, very talented, and kept the crowd dancing all night. My coordinator and the site manager said they have never seen a reception where EVERYONE danced the ENTIRE time. I would recommend this band without hesitation to anyone. Well worth every penny!!!!!
---Sharla Sundberg

June 26, 2010: Sandy & Christopher

We originally met the band at a friend's wedding a few years ago and after hearing them perform, one of the few things my wife really wanted was to have RamFunkshus perform at our wedding. As a matter of fact this band was the first vendor we booked when we planned the wedding. They really get the crowd involved (including my wife's 80 year old grandmother) in the festivities and bring great energy to the party. The contact person, Barry, is very responsive and accommodating to any requests.

Our guests really loved the music and danced the night away! A few of our guests asked for the band's contact info after the wedding was over so you know they must have done a good job!
---Christopher Hsu

May 1, 2010: Siri & Jake

RamFunkshus was AWESOME! My wife and I had the opportunity to see them play live at another event that they invited us to. We instantly knew they were the right fit for our wedding. Barry was excellent in communicating with us as we formed our song list and offered to learn songs they didn't yet have in their repertoire. On the night of the wedding they were incredible. Rick fantastically MC'd the night flawlessly and made the whole night seem even more fantastic. This is a great band, made up of genuine, talented people with great heart and great soul. Definitely come HIGHLY recommended by Jake and Siri! Thank you RamFunkshus!
---Jake Thornton

January 15, 2010: Vanessa & Jam Le

Really a great band! Our whole families and guests really satisfy with the band and the music! Ramfunkhsus also great with songs' request from our guest! It really became our highlight of our wedding. Thank you so so much! Rick Fitts is very good MC too!
--Vanessa Le

January 9, 2010; John Wilson Retirement Party
This band is incredible! Professional, accomodating & most of all they sound awesome! I've done many events and seen a few bands, most of which weren't diverse enough to be recommended. Ramfunkshus absolutely rocked my dad's retirement party. If you have a chance to book them and you don't... you're making a huge mistake. Thanks Ramfunkshus! People will be talking about my dad's party for years to come!
--Chris Wilson

November 28, 2009: Cornelia & Stephen

We hired RamFunkshus to play at our wedding reception at the Bellagio in Las Vegas in November 2009. Their performance and professional conduct fully met our high expectations. They played a broad range of music remarkably well and greatly contributed to the success of the event. They were charming, entertaining and tactful. In particular, they did a great job of reading our guests' mood and adapting their performance to keep the party going. Ahead of the event, our interactions with the band were highly efficient, cooperative and respectful. We definitely can strongly recommend RamFunkshus. A big thank you to Barry, Rick, Sean, Vince, Tim, David and Joe.
--Stephen Freedman

August 15, 2009: Kristin & Mark

Ramfunkshus was incredible!! From the moment we heard them on gigmasters we knew we HAD to have them play at our wedding, and they did not disappoint!! They were engaging and entertaining! Our guests were up and dancing the entire evening and didn't want the night to end!! And we never had a single worry that the evening wouldn't go exactly as planned! We give our highest recommendations for Ramfunkshus all around!!!
--Mark & Kristin Palkoner

July 25, 2009: Hilary & Gabe

Ramfunkshus was amazing at our wedding!!!! We have gotten so many compliments from our guests! They made it so fun and we all could have danced all night!!! Rick interacted so well with everyone and we felt like they were part of our family! Our wedding would not have been the same without Ramfunkshus!!! :)
--Hilary Haynes

July 18,2009: Erin and Rick

On behalf of Howard and I and Rick and Erin, we wanted to thank you again for the terrific job you did at our wedding! I know we definitely threw you some curve balls with our crazy requests, but you accommodated absolutely everything we asked for and I don't believe it could have come off more smoothly! I do believe that every single person there had a wonderful time, especially the bride and groom!
My husband had let me hear his speech ahead of time, but he didn't tell me about the singing part! I'm pretty sure he knew I would have asked him not to do it. Anyway, I'm so glad he did it because I've never laughed so hard in years! It was hilarious and you guys pulled it off perfectly without a hitch! I cannot wait to see the video! Funniest thing in years. Also, the bride and groom's first dance could not have been more perfect! As you now know, our daughter is quite a character and had dreamed this up quite some time ago. You accommodated her perfectly and we are all so appreciative.
And last but not least, I don't know how often you have audience members join your group, but I know they had a blast! What a crazy family we have. Thank you for letting them have their fun!
Thank you so much for allowing our daughters dreams to come true. You were all such good sports and your music is so infectious people can't help but dance!
Thanks again, Sheryl and Howard Gould

June 27, 2009: Rebecca and Daniel

Thank you for your OUTSTANDING performance at our wedding. We have received nothing but compliments about the music. Both Daniel and I really enjoyed ourselves. In fact, at the end of the night, Daniel commented on how much fun he had dancing—and he has always told me how he hates to dance!
We applaud you on your professionalism as well as your attention to the personal details that made the night so special for us. Every single band member deserves a standing ovation for their musicianship, enthusiasm, and flexibility. You can tell that this is not just a job for you, that that you love to play!
A special thank you: for allowing my uncles and aunt to sing a few songs. It made the night even more memorable. I know they appreciated the change to perform together.
Another special thank you: to Rick for his charisma and family-like approach as the MC, and to Barry, for listening to our suggestions and making the whole night come together.
Your Fans, Rebecca and Daniel Kahn

May 30, 2009: Katherine and Tim

Barry, thank you guys so much for making my daughter’s wedding so special last Saturday night.
Rick is a great M.C. and singer, but the entire band is absolutely first-rate and professional, ideally suited to events such as ours.
Please use me anytime as a reference.
All best,
--Charles Morgan

May 16, 2009 Kristin & Andrew

We would both like to thank Ramfunkshus for helping make our wedding a party that everyone attending will always remember. They were incredible...professional, fun, energetic, personable, and excellent performers. They were accomodating and generous, even improvising a special number for my father and letting my brother do a memorable performance. Numerous people remarked how they'd never danced so much and wished they had found Ramfunkshus for their wedding. One of the most important aspects to our planning was to make sure our dance floor was packed and sure enough...with Ramfunkshus, it was. Our wedding was perfect and would not have been even close if not for such an unbelievable band. We highly recommend them to anyone and everyone who wants a great group to perform and emcee for their special event. They went the extra mile for us and obviously really enjoy what they do. You can't help smiling and having fun. It was the best decision we made besides getting married. Thank you all so much. Best Wishes
--Andrew Neubauer

May 9, 2009: Sarah and David

This band is AWESOME! From the day I submitted my request on Gigmasters, they have been wonderful. Barry handled all of the business matters with professionalism - prompt and thorough e-mails, and he even spent 30min on the phone with us one Sunday evening to discuss such items as where they should be on the floor plan for the reception. They totally rocked. Everyone from the kids to the elderly were busting a move out on the dance floor throughout the night. That to me is the sign of a great band. You won't find a better band in the LA area. If I ever have another event in southern CA, this is the band I will hire, and I suggest you do too!
--Sarah Heiler

April 25, 2009: Jessica and Jason

As a busy bride, Ramfunkshus made my wedding planning process much easier. They've obviously been doing this for years, which was evident in their performance. They played for the first two hours of my reception including an energetic grand entrance and dinner music. I received so many compliments on their performance and couldn't be happier with their service. It was so nice to have a wedding vendor that provided exactly what they said they would with no problems--thank you!!
--Jessica Milazzo

March 22, 2009: Heather and Paul

I just wanted to thank you for a memorable evening. YOU were the ones that brought the evening together. All I can say is INCREDIBLE!!!! I couldn't stop dancing. Every song got better and better. Beautiful voices, great funk. Go see for yourself. If I could do it again, I would. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making the evening memorable. Without a great band there is no party.
--Lani Feldbaum

December 28, 2008: Scott and Anita

My wife (fiancée at the time) were engaged and out for dinner at a local sushi bar when we heard this man talking in front of us on line. He was talking about an upcoming gig for the band he is in. I decided to ask him about his band, and letting him know that we were going to be getting married soon. That was the best decision I made. The man in front of us ended up being Rick Fitts, the lead singer for RamFunkshus.

We were married on December 28, 2008 and I can honestly say that having RamFunkshus at our wedding made all the difference in the world. They went above and beyond, learning additional songs for the reception and ceremony, and also working very closely with the Cantor to make sure that everything was perfect.

Coming from a big Jewish family, we knew that the band was going to be a very important part of our special day. We couldn’t have been happier!!! They played an amazing Hora (traditional Jewish dance), and helped the flow of the night come off without a hitch. From the blessings before the meal, to the speeches, to the cake cutting, they helped to make our special night PERFECT!!! They took very few breaks, and allowed the night to flow beautifully. If we had to do it all again, we would without a doubt have RamFunkshus as our band.

We would HIGHLY recommend RamFunkshus to any couple getting married. They were amazing and we wouldn’t have changed a thing.
--Scott and Anita Markowitz

November 15, 2008: Andrea and Bradley
Thank you again for everything!! I received several compliments about the band, and everyone was really having a great time on the dance floor. The reception was a hit, and you all really helped to put it all together! You are all so nice and easy going. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Thanks again!
--Andrea and Bradley Romo, Andrea

October 12, 2008: Alida & Jeff

RamFunkshus was amazing!!! They made our wedding reception spectacular!!! We had so many people coming up to us and asking where we found them. We don't feel the night would have been as amazing as it was if it wasn't for the talent of RamFunkshus. The MC Rick was so friendly and accommodating. He made us feel like there was nothing to worry about. Everyone loved him. RamFunkshus was on top of everything the whole night. Nothing went wrong, absolutely nothing!!! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect night. Thank you so very much RamFunkshus we couldn't have asked for a more glorious night!!! :)
--Alida Drechsler,  Van Nuys, CA

October 11, 2008: Lisa & Dali

It’s hard to explain how pleased I was with RamFunkshus. Having owned a Jazz Club/Piano Bar, I consider myself a professional when it comes to interviewing and hiring entertainment and was very familiar with the different types of entertainment available. Under the circumstances though, what’s good enough for the general public just might not be good enough for your daughter's wedding. A word of caution, a good band doesn't mean a good wedding band. There is a huge difference. RamFunkshus excelled in every aspect of their performance and was overwhelmingly accommodating. How pleased was I, here's my phone number, call me with any questions: Pete Stella 909-982-2877
--Pete Stella,  Pasadena, CA

October 4, 2008: Christina & Matthew

They were absolutely wonderful! They made our wedding so much fun and memorable!
--Christina Tsao, Santa Monica, CA

September 20, 2008: Barrie & Troy

RamFunkshus is amazing! Everyone in the band is so talented, they were unbelievably accommodating when it came to our play list and they even learned our first dance song, which they nailed! Everyone at the wedding came up to me to tell me how much they loved the band - they really know how to get the crowd going. You can tell they really love entertaining and they put on a fabulous show. We were thrilled to have them play at our wedding and I would recommend them to anyone that wants to have a bitchin' party! Thanks guys - it was a blast!
--Barrie Bernstein, Santa Monica, CA

September 6, 2008: Mr. & Mrs. Fox

Firstly, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Sean, Tim, Joe, David, Vince and Barry!!
We were so fortunate to have them because Rick Fitts was unavailable for our wedding reception. Sean did lead vocals and Joe MC'd the entire event. This could not have been better!! They had far exceeded any expectation we may have had. They were passionate, dynamic and effervescent. Their performance was a refreshing twist of songs we all know and made any generational gaps amongst our guest nonexistent. Their energy level was effortless and they outlasted every single one of our guest! Everyone had a fabulous time!!
In the preparation arena…Barry is highly efficient and professional! All correspondences were informative and helpful. He laid the format of our time line in one email! Barry has incredible follow through. The band was punctual and everyone is aesthetically pleasing!!
We are so happy that they were able to be part of and share our wedding.
--Mr. & Mrs. Fox. Marina Del Rey, CA

August 30, 2008: Woody & Arianna

We found out about Ramfunkshus both from a caterer and an online review--based on both opinions we were eager to hear them play. Barry and the band were extremely helpful in arranging a time when we could hear them play at another event, and they did not disappoint--we booked them right away. Throughout the preparations for our wedding they were extremely prompt and professional with their correspondence and their suggestions. We did not use a wedding coordinator and Ramfunkshus did a great job MCing the early part of the reception and smoothing out the transitions between the first dance, start of dinner etc. When they kicked it into high gear during and after dinner our entire crowd was up dancing and continued to do so for the rest of the wedding. Several guests made specific comments about how great the band performed. Overall we could not have been happier with Ramfunkshus and we highly recommend them to any couple planning a wedding.
--Woody Sankur, Los Angeles

August 9, 2008: Tritia and Andres

If you're thinking about choosing RamFunkshus, stop pondering and book them ASAP! After having decided on a band (vs. a DJ) for our wedding, we found RamFunkshus through the Internet. Friends and family warned us about choosing any band that we had not heard live ourselves, but after reading the countless reviews and visiting the band's website...we made the best decision we could have ever imagined!

From start to finish, RamFunkshus was professional, responsive, memorable and they are incredible musicians/vocalists! A friend of ours who has toured with mainstream bands for over 15 years and has organized sound for various celebrity weddings said, "This is an awesome band. Better than any other celebrity wedding band I've EVER heard." While our goal was far from a celebrity wedding (whatever that is), it speaks to the serious quality that RamFunkshus delivers. If they're still going, we'd love to bring them back for our 5, 10, 15...year anniversaries.
--Tritia & Andres,  Camarillo

July 25, 2008: Kelly & Alex

RamFunkshus was amazing from start to finish. They were the only vendor for our wedding that never gave us a problem, curveball, etc. They are one hundred times better live than any of their samples, seriously. Their jazz set before the wedding party was introduced blew everyone away. Their sound system is top notch and top of the line. These guys and gal are real pros. They know how to make everyone feel comfortable and have a GREAT time. I got compliments all night how amazing the band was, but how great each musician is. Rick was an amazing MC he made us feel like we were in good hands.
--Alex Pekar, Santa Monica

July 19, 2008: Gwen & Mark

I first fell in love with the name, and then I fell in love with the band. Working with RamFunkshus was an utter pleasure from the first time I spoke to Barry (manager/keyboard player) and through the very last song of the evening (when every single guest was on the dance floor begging the band to keep playing). I am thrilled that we chose RamFunkshus as the band for our wedding, and all of our guests remarked how awesome the band was. They were an integral part of an ideal evening. (And during the planning, Barry was ALWAYS there to bat ideas around with me--placement of the band, details of timeline, song list.) We couldn't be happier with our choice. :)
--Gwen Yeager, Los Angeles

July 12, 2008: Chris & Courtney

I was a little uneasy at first trusting a band, whom I had never seen perform live, host my wedding reception. However, after the Ramfunkshus was booked, they instantly assisted in making the reception a success. On the big day, after meeting them, I felt so confident that it was going to be great. They came through! Great entertainment, they knew how to read the crowd, and they helped everyone get involved. Would recommend them for any event, especially a wedding!
--Chris Marquis, Santa Barbara

July 7, 2008: New England Elks National Meeting, Garden Groove

Ramfunkshus was outstanding! Our Client and all the Guests loved them! The dance floor was hopping! I would highly recommend them to any corporate or private event! Professional - Talented and an Asset to our Event!
--Nanci Pferschy
Entertainment by NJ Productions

June 28, 2008: Hana & Jason

They were amazing! I and my husband were pleased with their work. They were able to perform the music that I have requested and did a great job. Friends, and both of our families were satisfied with their performance. I will definitely recommend this band to my engaged friends. BRAVO!
--Hana Yoo, Santa Monica

June 21, 2008: Stephanie & Brent

"We were very excited to have RamFunkshus play at our wedding reception but they blew away all our expectations and wowed our crowd. Barry and the band were extremely accommodating with a few special songs that meant a lot to our family and performed these new songs as if they had been doing them for years. Despite the extreme heat on our wedding day, the band was full of energy and gave a performance that had all our guests dancing all night."
--Stephanie Watkins, Pasadena

May 17, 2008: Taste of the Bay Fundraiser for St. Laurence Martyr School

The band is awesome, and the energy was crazy. Many complements came in. I would recommend you guys in a heart beat. I will also keep you in mind for any future events.
Thanks for the great entertainment
--Maria Briggs, Redondo Beach

May 4, 2008: Patti & Rob

RamFunkshus was unbelievable! You were such an integral part of our great wedding party. Everybody loved the music, the dancing and your spirit. Look forward to using you again. See you in August. Kindest Regards,
--Rob Palmer, Palos Verdes

April 19, 2008: Casey & Keith

We could not have been happier.
Your band is fabulous. You made the wedding and our guests had such a great time dancing to your great music.
--Donna Corr, Marina Del Rey

April 13, 2008: Michelle & Alan

Thank you RamFunkshus for a spectacular wedding reception! You’re an amazing band. You provided the perfect blend of class and funk for our celebration. It’s obvious you love what you do – it shows in the energy and festive atmosphere you create when you perform. Barry, thank you for being so accommodating to our special requests; you went above and beyond as the band leader. Rick, we were so impressed how you instantly developed a wonderful rapport with the guests as the emcee and lead male vocalist, and thanks to you, everything ran smoothly. Sean…let me just say that Etta James herself would have cried at your beautiful rendition of “At Last” that you performed for our first dance. Thank you to the entire band for making our wedding reception such a success.
-- Michelle Wolf, Los Angeles, CA

March 15, 2008: Heartbeat Gala, Double Tree Hotel, Ontario HIRED AGAIN FOR 2009

RamFunkshus were awesome! They played for our annual Gala with more than 500 guests (ages 25-70.) I worked with Barry prior to the event and asked him if they could put together a special LINE DANCE for one of my major donors and it was a HUGE hit. My donor who can be very picky about the entertainment asked me at the end of the night if we could hire them for next year. This event has been held for 14 years and this is the first time that we had more than 50 people stay until the end to dance. It was a great event and RamFunkshus made our fundraiser a huge success. Sean Wiggins has a wonderful voice and can sing just about anything - Yes, even AC/DC.
--Glenda Ferguson,
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Foundation

February 23, 2008: Culver City HS Boosters Casino Night, Culver City  (Booked again for 2009)

RamFunkshus helped to make our Casino Night Fundraiser the best in history! They were the hit of the evening based on a huge number of comments. Many people who attended asked if it would be possible to have them perform in concert! We are looking forward to them working with Culver City High School in the future. A great group of people who were willing to work with us during the evening and added a touch that helped make our event the most successful in the 20 year history of the CCHS Booster Club!
We highly recommend RamFunkshus for their music and willingness to work with us to make the event such a huge success!

I personally enjoyed the manner in which RamFunkshus added enthusiasm and an upbeat atmosphere to our evening! They are the best!
--Jerry Chabola, CCHS Athletic Director

December 14, 2007 Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach

This band was terrific. We received numerous compliments on the band and how great and professional they are. Their sound is perfect and knew exactly what song to play at what time. They got the crowd into dancing, and when we were eating, we were still able to engage in conversation. There is a reason why they come so highly recommended.
--Laura Newman, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International

November 10, 2007: Suzanne & Brandon

RamFunkshus was amazing! All our guests commented on how great they were. They especially made our night by learning our First Dance (Cruisin') and Grand Entrance song (Happy Together). Barry, the manager, was easy to work with and very accommodating. They also helped us out when the audio for our slide show wasn't working properly. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have been able to play our slide show. We are very pleased in every aspect to have had them play at our wedding. We highly recommend them. THANK YOU RamFunkshus!!!
Suzanne Guzman, Santa Monica

October 20, 2007: Kelly & Dave

Thank you for making our reception such a party! During the reception, Dave and I were trying to make our rounds and visit some long-lost friends and family. I will never forget looking out onto the dance floor and realizing that it was completely full! Everyone was dancing, and I mean REALLY dancing! It was awesome... our guests were truly having a great time. Rick was a fabulous emcee, and really engaged the crowd. You all are so talented, thank you for making us so proud. I can't tell you how many people came up to us and said, "Wow! You hired a really great band!"
Kelly Robson, Santa Monica

September 29, 2007: Steve & Rikke

Dear Ramfunkshus,
We would like to extend our most sincere and enthusiastic thanks for your performance at our wedding reception. All the guests are talking about how fantastic you were and I have to say that you really exceeded our expectations! Being the groom and having been the one to research possible musical groups, I can tell you that you far outshine the competition. The band was so helpful and extremely professional in the way you helped us with the planning, and you were very responsive in your email and telephone communication. I looked at several other bands during the planning phase and I kept coming back to your website and watching the great videos you have posted there. The videos got me excited; however, I was still blown away by how fantastic the actual performance was! I am a musician and audio engineer, and let me tell you the sound quality and balance of the instruments could not have been better. The band was sensitive to the activity at the reception and paced the song selection accordingly. Both of your vocalists were not only great singers but had great personalities and made great hosts at the reception. I did not hear an out of tune note the entire evening! My favorite part was the dancing after dinner and the funky medley that you played! Everyone was dancing and having a great time, even my mom in her wheelchair got out there and boogied down! THANK YOU Ramfunkshus, for making my wedding reception so memorable. I just can't tell you how pleased I am with everything you have done for us!
Steve Anderson, Santa Monica CA

September 23, 2007: William & Michelle

Dear Barry,
Where do I begin? From the initial planning stages of our wedding, Michelle and I knew that the music and entertainment would be key in allowing our guests to feel the specialness and love we have for each other on this important day. Considering the many options available to us and the quality we expected, Ramfunkshus proved to be the best choice hands down!

From your immense help in planning our timeline to the genuineness and professionalism of Rick's MC abilities, everything went off without a hitch. Your personal touches on the keyboard during the ceremony and the band's overall song choices were perfect for us. We truly felt as if you knew us more intimately than you did. Of course, without the incredible voices of Rick and Sean, the band would be a perfect choice, but with these two individually and as a duet, we can truly say that Ramfunkshus is AWESOME!

On a personal note, Rick and I connected on a deeper level and I want to express how much this enhanced our celebration, please pass along my admiration and appreciation for his insight and kind words.

In short, without your groups' participation, our wedding would have been special in and of itself but could never have been the event it was. All of our guests agree that they had a phenomenal time and it was largely due to you and Ramfunkshus providing the backbeat and rhythm to the beginning of our lives together.

Thanks a million!!!!
--Michelle and William Wilson, Los Angeles, CA 

September 22, 2007: Jeanne and Chris

Dear Barry and the entire Ramfunkshus band:

We cannot say enough how thrilled we were with your performance at our wedding. You guys were fantastic! Several guests came up to us that night to tell us how great you were and to ask where we found you. My former boss complimented you on your ability to play a wide range of music and told me that he would look you up for the next office holiday party.

But we want you to know that you were so much more than a great band. Like many of our engaged friends, we were planning this extravaganza on our own, without the help of a coordinator. And like many of our friends, we realized early on that planning such an event is oh so hard, particularly when it's your first and only wedding. Barry made it so much easier by contacting us well before the wedding and asking us the important questions--some of which we hadn't even considered--to ensure that the reception would go smoothly. Rick was a top-notch emcee, who kept the party going and kept the key moments (first dance, cake cutting, etc.) on schedule.

In short: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Best regards,
--Chris and Jeanne McKee, Cerritos, CA

September 9, 2007: Julia and John

Thanks a lot. You guys were great--Just what the reception needed for our eclectic mix of people.
--John Itamura, Los Angeles, CA

September 8, 2007: Seana and Ben

Yours was one of the elements of Seana's and Ben's reception that truly exceeded all of our expectations and created wonderful energy and enjoyment.
Many thanks to you and each member of the band.
--Betty Williams, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

August 25, 2007

I must tell you, no group of musicians is finer. What an event we had!! If you want a first class event, with no headaches, book this group. THANK YOU RAMFUNKSHUS!!!!!!! 
--Stephanie Fisher-White 
Club 100, The Music Center

May 4, 2007

They were wonderful to work with through the entire process. Because they were so great and showed everyone the best time they've ever had at a school function they made me a hit. There wasn't one thing that could have been better. They were fabulous!
--Kathleen Reiss
2007 Franklin Elem School PTA Fundraiser 

April 21, 2007: Agatha & Ralph

Aloha Ramfunkshus!
We have returned from a fantastic honeymoon and are now officially Maui'd!
Agatha and I had a spectacular wedding and our reception was the talk of the town. Ramfunkshus added a terrific vibe to our reception with your vast repertoire. Your website video and audio clips absolutely do not do justice to your live performance. Everyone really enjoyed your music and you had the whole reception hopping. I loved Vince on the sax and Sean/Rick's vocals. Fun was the theme of our reception and RamFUNkshus certainly made sure of that.
If anyone has any qualms whatsoever about having Ramfunkshus play at their event, do not fear because they are truly a memorable band. Many Mahalos Ramfunkshus
--Agatha and Ralph Oliverio

February 24, 2007: Sheila & Bob

You guys were great!! Rick was so awesome as the MC. All my guests loved your music and energy. Sean’s voice was unbelievable! We though we were hearing Cd music, but it was actually live!! Thanks for making our reception so enjoyable and an evening to remember, not just for us couple but for everyone who came.
--Sheila Posis 

April 13, 2007: Zsuzsa O


Our Anniversary party was months ago, and everyone is still buzzing about the great band we had. In the video we see people dancing that "never" dance! That's when you know you have great music.

It was great working with you, the professionalism you showed was head and shoulders above your so called competition. We have recommended you to all our friends for their parties.

We will be calling you for our next big party.

Thanks again for making our party the talk of the town. 
--Zsuzsa O, Los Angeles

February 18, 2007: Kelly & Dan
"No complaints! Just the opposite...
Their band manager, Barry Reynolds, was informative and professional in all communications, and was prompt- a characteristic we did not enjoy with all of the vendors we used.
On the day of the reception, everything was set up early as agreed upon, and Rick, the band leader, even made the effort to greet us (the wedding couple) and confirm our choices for introductions and first dance.
And as testament to the band's sound, I took a break from meet and greet duties just after the dinner hour to look at the dance floor, and it was packed with guests dancing! We had a lot of people come up during the reception and afterward and tell us how much they enjoyed the band.
Thanks to Ramfunkshus for helping create a great night that we'll never forget."
--Dan Mishell

February 2, 2007: Roberta & Phil

We were thrilled with the band and the atmosphere you helped create for our wedding celebration. Everyone thought the band did such a great performance and they loved the electricity between the band and guests and wedding party. I have already given out information to three people who may want to contact you in the future.
--Roberta Mitchell

Jan 27, 2007

Ramfunkshus played for our Gala held at Disneyland Hotel January 27th 2007. The occasion was the installation of officers and celebration of the 75th Anniversary of our professional organization, the Appraisal Institute. Our members enjoyed a two piece combo that played during the cocktail hour, the larger group played background music during dinner and then the dance held after the formalities of the evening.

Our members vary in age from young adult to let’s just say a more experienced age. I was concerned because this organization is not known for their participation in the dancing. I told Barry I hoped they would be able to draw these folks out of their chairs and did they ever! One member commented to me that she knew the band was good when her 72 year old husband got up to dance on the first number!

Comments about the evening keep coming in. Delightful, elegant, great band. Their versatility from cocktail hour through dinner and into the evening made everyone happy and contributed to the overall success of the event.

Thanks Barry, Sean, Rick and all the members of Ramfunkshus!
--Carol Chirpich, SRA
2007 President
Southern California Chapter Appraisal Institute

Testimonials dating back as early as 2004 are available by request