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RamFunkshus Video Recorded live. We do many more '80s to Today Songs after completing this, but this provides a good idea of how we look and sound. 31.5 MB
At Last Sean Wiggins sings "At Last," which is our most requested "First Dance" song at wedding receptions. This is totally undoctored, live sound. 16.8 MB
RamFunkshus at the Reagan Library Corporate party in Dec 2004. 469 KB
Dinner Music Just a camcorder on one side of the stage, so this provides a rough sample of our dinner music. See song list. 6.26 MB
Cocktail Duo: Sax & Keys Here is a sample of our cocktail duo of sax and keyboard. Keyboard also plays bass and drum parts. 782 KB
Funky Medley Here's a portion of a medley of dance hits we play as part of "Play that Funky Music." We sometimes play this medley for as long as 20 minutes of non-stop dancing. 15.4 MB
Guitar Cocktail Music Here is Tim Kobza playing cocktail music. He can also play this music with an amplified acoustic guitar. 8.2 MB
Ceremony & Cocktail Music: Acoustic Guitar Here's Tim Kobza playing a mixture of Ceremony and Cocktail music on acoustic guiar. Flute can be easily added. (The background is noisy because this was performed in a cocktail hour setting). 11.6 MB
Brick House--RamFunky Style, New Years 2007 You've heard this song from many bands. Here's our take, with a funky instrumental section. See if you can keep your body from movin' to this! A friend shot this with a simple camcorder. 13.5 MB
Love Shack--New Year's Eve 2007 Here's an '80's favorite, shot with a simple camcorder in the audience. 8.52 MB
Ballads '60s to Today These ballads from many decades are great for weddings, and we play so many more. 0 Bytes
Classic Rock Sean sings You Shook Me (All Night Long) and Rock n Roll. Our classic rock includes everything from AC/DC, to The Beatles and Stones, To ZZ Top, Softer rock too. 0 Bytes
I Want My '80s Music! Here's Hit Me with Your Best Shot, Kiss, and Dance, Shout, Shake Your Body, We do all the fun '80s from Michael Jackson to Madonna, from Don't You want me Baby to Obsession, and all the way to White Wedding and Walking on Sunshine. And we can Walk like an Egyptian. 0 Bytes

Audio Only Demos